NutriGreen Moringa Leaf Powder 10 Ounce

Moringa leaf has been called the world's must nutritious green and NutriGreen is an easy way to provide its benefits for your bird. NutriGreen moringa leaf powder provides as much protein as yogurt, as much potassium as bananas,  the vitamin A of carrots, as much iron as spinach, and the calcium of milk all in a convenient powder form. With its wealth of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, moringa leaf is an ideal all-natural nutritional supplement. NutriGreen is USDA certified organic moringa leaf that has been freeze dried and powdered. Freeze drying avoids the high temperature processing that can degrade nutrients in the leaf.  NutriGreen moringa leaf powder is packaged in our own FDA inspected facility. It is all human-grade and contains no twigs, dead leaves or other debris. NutriGreen moringa leaf powder has been reported to reduce and stop feather picking in some birds.