Canadian Bird Toys is a Canadian enterprise that is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

My name is Sweetpea. Over the next little while you will be seeing allot more of me on our site. I am the official new toy tester! I now share my role with Buddy, he's ok as long as he doesn't touch my toys!

It is our goal to give consumers access to a Canadian supplier of bird toys, nutritional supplements and supplies of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

We are very fortunate to spend our time with Sweetpea who is such an amazing bird! Buddy always makes us laugh with his antics! Mazi and Maiesha are African Red Bellied Parrots, Diesel & Aqua are B&G Macaws, Scarlett, Fiji, Mango & Keira are our Eclectus.

We launched this endeavor out of our love for birds.

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